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Konjac Foods - 22 year in Business

Konjac Foods, the future health foods for Now!

Konjac foods started in 2002, making it the first company in the USA to focus only on konjac food products. The company started by selling only Konjac powder and Konjac Angel Hair Pasta, and today we sell more than 20 different varieties of konjac pastas.

Konjac powder also known as konjac flour and konjac fiber consists of pure glucomannan fiber. Konjac glucomannan fiber is a concentrated source of soluble fiber, when compared to all other sources of soluble fiber; konjac glucomannan fiber had the highest viscosity. In a medical research study where different kinds of soluble fiber were examined, the results indicated that the higher the viscosity in the fiber, the better it was in controlling blood sugar levels. In the past 10 years that we have been doing business, many of our customers especially our diabetic customers found that they were exceptionally pleased that the konjac powder was able to control their blood sugar levels as they got very good results.

Besides the high viscosity found in konjac that helps control blood sugar levels, konjac fiber can expand up to 100 times larger when dissolved with drinking water; this unique attribute allows those who consume konjac to feel full. Drinking a konjac water beverage can help one feel full and eat less. As a result, one will be able to reduce total calorie intake, which can be very helpful for individuals that want to lose weight. Konjac glucomannan is also one of the most popular ingredients in many of the weight loss capsule products.

Konjac fiber is also very high in Alkaline. According to a Japanese Researcher, Dr. Kotaro Nishizaki, when measured up to all of the foods on the pH Value chart, the konjac powder indicated to be the 2nd highest in alkaline value(Alkalinity)on the whole foods chart. The food with the highest alkalinity on the chart is Seaweed Wakame.

One who consumes the modern foods diet should understand that the acids from soft drinks, high density sugar foods, and high temperature processed starch foods such as fried chips, all are very high in acidic values.

Whereas, the vegetables found in nature, fruit, seaweed, unprocessed grains (besides processed white flour), unlike acidic foods, these foods help maintain the pH values in ones' body. Foods with alkalinity help achieve the acid/alkaline balance that the body needs.

The konjac plant mainly grows in East Asia, particularly in the beautiful Southwest China mountainous region; in the same areas where pandas once lived. There is no pollution in this particular part of China; over 90% of konjac plants grow in these mountains.

Konjac flour (powder) is pure fiber that is derived from the root of the konjac plant. The konjac plant can grow for 3 years until it reaches its maturity. Konjac flour or konjac powder is not related to wheat, konjac is wheat free, gluten free, it is completely guilt free, as it is just pure fiber from the root of the konjac plant.

Our Konjac Zero Calorie Noodles originally began exporting to Japan, where it became Japanese Organic Certified. In order to make the konjac noodles more suitable for U.S. customers, we have developed over 20 varieties of pasta styles. The konjac noodles are also instant noodles, with just washing and draining, and adding on your favorite pasta sauce, one can eat the noodles right away.

The traditional Japanese konjac noodles have a rubbery texture to them and in the meantime, we are working to improve that. We will release non rubbery konjac noodles in the near future. We have also developed flavored konjac foods, which will release in the near future as well.

The zero calorie konjac noodles, when cooked with your favorite dishes, can enrich your meal with more fiber. Additionally, the zero calorie noodles have an abundant source of calcium and are high in alkaline. When consumed they will make you feel full and ultimately eat less and intake fewer calories; as this is the idea for weight loss natural foods.

Thank you for supporting our konjac foods business, we will continue to do our best to improve current products and to develop new konjac food products.