Antisteatotic effects of four kinds of dietary fibers

Hua Xi Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao 1992 Mar;23(1):75-8

Antisteatotic effects of four kinds of dietary fibers in rats fed on high cholesterol diet: a preliminary morphometric analysis

[Article in Chinese]

Zhang Y, Zheng Z, Zeng X, Tan J, Wu J.

The hypolipidaemic and antisteatotic effects of the Konnyaku Powder (KP) have been reported before. In order to evaluate further the antisteatotic role played by KP, the effects of KP on the levels of liver lipid and on the hepatic histopathology and morphometry in comparison with those of pectin, algin and agar were studied. Sixty Wistar strain rats were divided into 6 groups: a normal diet group, a high cholesterol diet group (HC), and 4 test groups, in which the animals were fed on a diet similar to that of the high cholesterol diet group with addition of KP, pectin, algin or agar at a dosage of 5%, respectively. All the animals were killed at the end of the diet treatment for 9 weeks. The results showed that relative liver weights were lower in four experimental groups than in the HC group. The levels of total and free cholesterol, and triglyceride in the liver were lower in KP group than in HC group and in the other three experimental groups. Hepatic histopathology and morphometric examination indicated that antisteatotic effects of KP appeared to be much more significant than those of the other fibers.