Konjac Foods Sample 7

Konjac Foods - Food made by Konjac Glucomannan

Konjac foods made by nature soluble fiber - glucomannan and water, is very low carb and very low glycemic nature food.

Konjac foods can be made in many different styles and shapes, thread, ball, patch, hollow, konjac cakes, konjac noodles, konjac slices, konjac chips, konjac tufo. Konjac vegetarians foods series include vegetarian shrimps, stomach slices, kidneys, dried beef, squid, cuttlefish, sea cucumber, shell fish, sleeve fish, waist flower and abdomen pieces.

Cooking: dip in water or steam about 3-5 minutes and than cook in the way you like. You can add various vegtables and meat which ever you like, it can be fryed, baked,stewed, braised and also used as a cold dressing with a sauce.

Storage: at room temperature (avoid freezing)